Smart Hub and Access do not recognize new sensors

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My old Smart Hub and the new Access unit both recognize my neighbor's 5 in 1 sensor (which is approximately 100' from my house) and my 2 original 06002RM temp/humidity sensors but will not recognize my own 5 in 1 or the new 06002M sensor which I purchased recently.

My 5 in 1 communicates with my 1500RX display using channel B and is approximately 40' from the Smart Hub and Access unit but has never recognized as an available sensor. At the moment the new 6002M sensor is about 10' from the Smart Hub and Access units and is also not coming up as an available sensor.

Any help getting these additional units connected would be appreciated.

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Richard Ward

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Posted 6 months ago

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Swap 5in1 sensor with your neighbor (sorry, bad joke).

I would bring the 5in1 sensor into house to get it sync'd with both SH and Access.  This might require turning off the 5in1 (remove batteries) and having close to hubs.  If this doesn't work, then cycle the hubs (a soft cycle would have it restart using internet access to hubs.  A hard cycle would be disconnecting all power (AC/Batteries) along with Ethernet cable to units for a few minutes).  

You state that this 5in1 has never been recognized by either SH or Access since you have owned it?  I would look closely at the objects between either SH or Access and 5in1 and compare this against what the Display/5in1 objects are.   You might be having more 'stuff' between SH/Access than you do with Display unit.  Location might need to change for hubs.....
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Richard Ward

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Bill, Thanks for the suggestions but they didn’t help.
I deleted and unplugged the old smart hub so that I was only working with the new access unit. I then brought the 5 in 1 inside. I removed the batteries from it and also did a hard reset on the access unit. Even with the 5 in 1 only 3 feet from the Access device it still never comes up as an available device.

When the 5 in 1 is in its normal location there are fewer obstacles between it and the Access unit then between it and the display unit where the signal passes through 3 walls and a refrigerator and has always worked. I don’t know what the problem is since my understanding is that both the Smart Hub and the Access can connect to more than one 5 in 1 unit.
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Bill, obviously the transmitter on that 5-in-1 is somewhat suspect since you haven't gotten it to connect to either the SmartHUB or Access.  You might want to talk to AcuRite about that if the 5-in-1 is still under warranty.  Secondly for clarification a SmartHUB and Access can connect with multiple 5-in-1 units.  In doing my beta testing with the Access and Atlas devices, the Access was connected and displaying information from the Atlas, 3 different 5-in-1's and a tower sensor.  What you may need to remember is the limitations of the SmartHUB and Access in that they only report one 5-in-1 or Atlas to Weather Underground.  The MyAcurRite dashboard will report the multiple sensors up to the limitations of whichever hub you are using.  FYI the 5-in-1 and Atlas are considered a single sensor.
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The transmitter in the 5n1 is being received by the display, so it must be functioning.

Can you see the 5n1 in the internal web page that Access presents?
If not, then there is a problem of some sort.

If you can see it there, Access is hearing it. Give it some time to show up as "available" on MyAcuRite. It can take much longer than the optimistic message in the app might have you expect. I waited 10 minutes once.
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Hello Richard,

When we look at your account we do see one 5in1 sensor updating. Is this your sensor or your neighbors? The 5in1 on the account has an excellent signal strength. How were you able to determine the sensor the Access was seeing was your neighbors? Thank you.
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Hello Rachel,

Yes it is my neighbor’s 5 in 1 that that my Access unit is picking. The wind speed readings between the two 5in1 unit is normally slightly different, mine is 10 feet above the ground while his is about 25 feet above the ground. My 5in1 and my 1500rx display are set to channel C while my neighbor’s is set to channel A

Also I still do not see either my own 5 in 1 or my newest 6002m sensor. I have tried several sets of new batteries in it and never see the red light flash like it does on the 6002rm sensors that are being monitored by the Access unit.