sensor won't connect rain/temp/humidity sensor model 06042M

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this is the 2nd unit after the 1st failed. I promptly set it up, did everything, in order as in the manual, 6 different times,  and no connection between the outside sensor and base unit. Same issue as the old one, except this is new out of the box.
I'm disgusted, disappointed and frustrated.
phone "user support" is a total waste of time. They are so busy focused on reading their script ,  they do not even listen to what you are saying.

Well, here loud and clear. The product is defective. This is not a reset issue. It's defective and a KNOWN issue. Google it and count the pages of links that come up.

I do not need to waste another hour on the phone troubleshooting. I work in the IT dept. I know how to troubleshoot. I've gone through the procedure over and over, new batteries, changed channel, etc. Nothing works,

Why don't  they get it?
The product is defective.
I'd  like my money back, not another defective unit.
I've probably wasted 6 hours of my time since the 1st one went bad and trying to get a replacement.
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Posted 11 months ago

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Hello joeybiscotti53,

We are very sorry for the experience you have had with your unit.  Where and when was the unit purchased?  We are not able to locate a call into our customer support department under the email address on file.  I understand you have done troubleshooting. If the troubleshooting is not preformed in the exact order described below, the unit will not connect which is why we post the steps and walk you through them over the phone.  We can only offer a refund of the product if it was purchased directly through AcuRite within the last 90 days. The items need to be returned in new condition, in their original packaging.  Please let us know how you would like to proceed. Thank you.


•Verify you are using fresh alkaline batteries or lithium batteries (when temperature is below -4oF/-20oC) in sensor.

•Quality brand batteries are recommended, including Duracell, Rayovac, Energizer, or Kirkland.

•Verify batteries are fresh. The battery expiration date should be at least 6 years out. Batteries can lose 3% power or more every year in storage.

•Heavy duty, extra strength or generic / store brand batteries are not recommended for use with AcuRite products because they may cause performance irregularities due to the way these types of batteries disperse power. Each battery should not exceed 1.6 volts.

•Rechargeable batteries are not recommended for use with AcuRite products because they may cause performance irregularities due to the voltage instability of these types of batteries.

•Mixing different battery types (brands, old/new, etc.) is not recommended.

Hard reset:

- Bring both units side by side and remove all batteries

- Change the ABC Switch to a different setting and ensure that both are on the same setting. example - If on A, move both to C

- Place batteries into the outdoor sensors first

- Place batteries into display

- Allow units to sit side by side until they connect.

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Did all that in order. This is the replacement unit I received for the first unit which had the same problem .

I originally purchased the first unit from Amazon. It failed. I was sent a replacement unit from AcuRite about a month ago. I set everything up went through the exact steps in the correct order at least six times with the correct batteries and no communication from the base unit to the rain sensor or the temperature. There is a defect in the design of this instrument. I don't know why no one at AcuRite listen to anybody when they post a comment here or talk to them on the phone. It's always the same story read from a script going through the troubleshooting steps which I've already been done over and over again and failing every time.

I will be glad to send the second faulty unit back for a third unit and try one last time before I cross AcuRite off my list. The email that my call was under is bocajoe@

I don't want to spend yet another hour of my time on the phone going through troubleshooting that is worthless. I don't understand why AcuRite doesn't get it from from these pages and pages of post with the same issues of the unit not connecting.
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Hello joeybiscotti53,

We do see that you called in and spoke with a representative regarding your model and a replacement was sent out to you as a customer courtesy since you were outside of the 1 year warranty. If the replacement sensor has not corrected the issue and all troubleshooting has been exhausted your unit may not be connecting due to the display console.
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I was sent an entire replacement unit , the outdoor temperature sensor the rain sensor and the display console.
AcuRite just doesn't get it. you have no clue about standing behind a product or recognizing when you have a defective product. The brand new replacement unit that was sent to me is also defective. I've wasted my money and my time. And you can be sure I will leave all these facts on my Amazon review about AcuRite and their customer support. You just don't get it and you never will. That's unfortunate for AcuRite.

It's one thing to tell me it's my problem and I have a defective display but what I don't understand is how accurate can ignore page after page after page of similar problems from customers who have bought your products. all you need to do is Google accurate and sensor not responding.
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Hello joebiscotti53,

It was a pleasure speaking with you on the phone today. We understand your frustration, and have emailed you at the address on file. Please check your inbox.