None work after 6-9 months!

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What is with these AcuRite weather stations?
Every single one we have bought in the last three years have quit working just after the warranty. First one stopped reading temperature, second one stopped reading the rainfall, and this one picture stopped reading the wind speed! I am not happy with paying hundreds of dollars for these to have them stop working for one reason or another.
Any one else having problems with theirs? I won't buy anymore items from AcuRite! We run a business and it is important to know what is going on outside!
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  • frustrated!!

Posted 1 year ago

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Mine seems to hold after 8 months.... seems to be the same as yours. got it at Costco. So if it quits, I'll return it there.
Since it's only a single measure that is not read I'd blame the outside sensor. Not sure where you are. Does it get terribly hot or cold? Are the batteries outside holding up?
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Robbin Lee Hampton

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We've changed batteries on all of them thinking that was the issue. It seems to be transmitting all the other outside data except for one component each time. With this newest one, we get temperature, humidity, precipitation amount, and wind direction but no speed. The wind speed turbine is moving freely, turning appropriately with the wind but it doesn't register anything on the receiver in the house. It always says 0.
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Do you have spider webs outdoors? The little beasts build webs on everything around my place.
They may have built a web inside your 5 in 1. Just enough to block the speed sensor pickup.
Use a natural bristle paint brush. (Nylon bristles generate chip KILLER static. ) to gently remove them.
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Thank you for the information. I will check it.
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Hello Robin,

Steve U is correct. There are 3 things we would recommend doing. The 1st would be to make sure the wind cups are moving freely which you have stated they are. The 2nd would be to check for spider webs, and other things that may have created a home.  We have attached the steps below:

  1. First, open your 5-in-1 sensor by removing the (4) four screws from the bottom. The screws toward the center of the sensor are for Rain Gauge calibration only. Do not adjust these screws.
  2. After your sensor has been opened, remove any insects, cobwebs, or debris. An old toothbrush can help to clean out the hard-to-reach places.
  3. To further defend against insects crawling into your sensor, you may place a moth ball in the nook, near the tipping buckets (shown in video). Adhere the moth ball to the sensor with a piece of tape.
    • Note: Insect repellant may be used for additional protection, but should not be sprayed on the internal components or into the sensor.
  4. Reassemble the 5-in-1 sensor by replacing the (4) four screws on the bottom of the sensor that were removed earlier.
  5. Clear out any false readings that were taken while you were cleaning your sensor by pressing the CLEAR TODAY button on your 5-in-1 compatible display.
The 3rd thing would be to do what we call a hard reset on the sensor and display. It sounds like you reset it already, but please do the steps below in the exact order listed.   

1.Bring both the sensor and display unit indoors side by side.

2.Remove batteries from the sensor.

3.Remove batteries from the display unit and unplug the AC adapter (if applicable).

4.Wait 2 minutes to ensure any remaining battery power is discharged from both units.

5.Change the A-B-C Channel on both the display and sensor making sure they both match.

6.Reinstall batteries in outdoor sensor first.

7.Reinstall batteries in display unit second.

8.Let the units sit within a couple feet of each other for 20 minutes to ensure a wireless signal is received.
* The display should receive the signal within several minutes.

9.After a connection has been established you may place the sensor outdoors.
*If the signal connection fails after the units are separated try a new or different location for the display unit, the sensor or both.
If this does not correct the problem, please let us know. Thank you. Enjoy your day!

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Robbin Lee Hampton

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Thank you for the information. However, after my husband went through those steps, it still isn't sending wind speed only direction. There were no cobwebs, dirt etc. when he took it apart as you suggested. He did follow each step anyways but it still doesn't work. After spending his evenibrg last night doing this, he is sure it's a problem beyond cleaning and resetting them.
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Hello Robbin,

We thank you for going through the recommended troubleshooting. We have emailed you at the email address on file requesting additional information for the warranty. Please check your inbox. Thank you!