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Accurite Thieves,

So even though this unit is less than a year old and has a one year warranty your wanting me to change products at my cost for your convenience. Is there an option to get a full refund and I return the unit. You are going against your own terms and conditions. Nowhere in your verbiage does it say there is a possibility that you will discontinue service to my less than 8 month old unit and charge me to change it. I believe if you’re an existing customer you should not be penalized or it cost any money to upgrade something that performs fine for the intended use just for Acuwrong’s convenience. If I bought a new car and they sent me an email like this that said your radio is going to quit working in 2 months unless you pay me $40 I would not feel Valued, if you applied that to every product out there how much money could be stolen. Think about it like this, Dear Valued Customer I appreciate you buying our product but. It could be anything new TV, need a new remote we decided to change send us $40, New toilet we decided to change you will need a new handle to take a crap send me $40, New garage door send me $40 or you can’t get access to your home to park your car, Buy a new stroller for your baby and its send me $40 or the brakes won’t work and you kid could roll into the garage door that won’t open because you were held hostage for the new opener at $40. So this is how I see it going down. You send me the new HUB and you send me $40 for the trouble of having to sit down and reprogram and send the information out to the 5 engineers and 5 sitework men that use it. if I’m truly a valued customer as your opening sentence says you would not discontinue service to a new product or at a minimum you would give me a full refund and allow me to purchase one from another company or you would simply send me my new HUB that should be free and $40 for my trouble. Don’t make this the Valued Customers problem and financial burden. Pony up and treat us like you would want to be treated. Sincerely a very pissed off Valued customer that has bought 8 of your products in 2 years which will shortly be as useful as what goes in that toilet that needs a new handle.



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Posted 3 months ago

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