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Chaney Inst.,
If you want to take a break from the hate mail, please tell me more about your 10538HD SKU with WiFi integrated into the HD display.

Does it work?  Is it really available?  Will it work with existing 5 in 1 sensors?

Is the only tradeoff the lack of the online My Acurite Dashboard?

Why's this new SKU an orphan in your lineup?  What's the catch?

...and why aren't you offering this SKU's display as an alternative to the smart hub EOL?
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Posted 3 months ago

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Yes it is available, I just bought one at Home Depot for $99.95. Still in the box, I'm pre-reading the instructions. I already have a Ambient Weather WS-5305 two years now, which has separate components instead of a "unified" sensor package; but it is not Internet compatible to Weather Underground or able to broadcast to an Android app on a Tablet or Smartphone ... which is why I'm excited about this new model Acurite. The Ambient is incredible accurate in all area's of measure. I also have a smaller Accurite Color Display 01604 model I keep out at the garage / workshop / barn. It also does not have WiFi, and it only has wind speed, not direction. I like it alot EXCEPT that when sun shines directly on it the temperature is complete wrong as the plastic housing heats up in the direct sun. I have it near a huge tree so once the tree blocks the direct sun, the temp is "Acu-rite" (pun intended). Acu-rite needs to do something about this direct-sun exposure erroneous temperature readings. I'm concerned that this new 01538HD will have the same issue. And at only $99.95, will it be as reliable and accurate long term as other models that are in the customary $200 + price range?
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Hello Henny,

Yes this model is available for purchase.  Model 01538HD will not update to My AcuRite but will send the data via WiFi to Weather Underground.  The display is compatible with all our 5in1 sensors. We are not offering this as an alternative to the smartHUB because this unit will only send information to Weather Underground. This display will only work with the 5in1 sensor where as the AcuRite Access is compatible with up to 7 different sensors. Please let us know if you have any other questions. Thank you.
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Is the WiFi display available without the 5in1?  I already have a 5in1 Pro+ but the display is failing.  I *really* don't want to have to purchase a new display AND the new Access when just the display will meet my needs.