My Acurite Wind data seems to be missing the wind peak

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I have just setup my 5 in 1 weather station and have connected the smart hub to both My Acurite and WU and found that the Peak Wind is not being reported on the smart hub sites. I do see a lot of questions on wind gusts, but in looking at the Console CSV it does not appear that the Peak Wind is being sent.

Can you please give me a technical understanding on how the 3 devices are reporting & what the values are from the Smart Hub vs the Console CSV and how this compares – from the manual I got for the Console / CSV reporting:

-       Wind Speed is the current wind speed in 18 second increments on the console - is this a snap within the 18 seconds or the highest value?

-       Wind Speed in the Console CSV is being reported 12 Minutes – is this the highest value in the 12 minutes?

-       Wind Speed sent from the Smart Hub is sent every 18 seconds is this the same as on the Console display?

-       Average Wind – the console shows the average wind over 2 minutes from the manual.

-       Average Wind – to CSV is every 12 minutes and 18 seconds to the Smart Hub, is this the running 2 minute average calculated at the time?

-       Peak Wind – the Console has this the peak wind within 60 minutes.

-       Peak Wind – what is the interval for the CSV file, it appears it might be the 60 minute peak since some of the values are the same for 5 12 minute periods and some change more frequent.

-       Peak Wind – smart Hub, this seems to be missing since it is not on the My Acurite data download.

Below are pictures of today’s data from the Console CSV,  My Acurite and WU and we did get a 12.43 Peak Wind in the console CSV, but that was not recorded from the Smart Hub devices.

 This is from the Console CSV file.

This is the data downloaded from the My Acurite site and the max Wind speed is 9, which is seen in the graphs.  The seems to be the Wind Speed values from the CSV / Console and not the Peak Wind values.

This is from WU same as My Acurite for the same period, doe not have the 12 and 10 mph Peak values.

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Posted 11 months ago

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Hello Jan,

The displays do not register wind gusts. They do a peak or high wind speed reading. The display updates in 18 second intervals. The peak wind on the display is the highest wind speed reading from the last 60 minutes based off those 18 second intervals. If you want to provide us with the specific model number of your display we can confirm that your display has this functionality.

The graph on My AcuRite will show 5 minute plots. This is the average wind speed for that 5 minutes. It takes all the wind speed readings that are sent every 18 seconds in the 5 minute period and averages them, then graphs it on the line.

In the details section it is the highest average readings for the day based off the 5 minute intervals.

Remember the display will update every 18 seconds, and My AcuRite will update every 5 minutes so you will not see the same information on the display as you do on My AcuRite.  As you can see the difference between the CSV files has the difference in the update intervals. If you are using the CSV file from the display the information updates every 12 minutes, if you are using the CSV from My AcuRite it will update every 5 minutes therefore you will get the different readings in the files as well as on the display versus My AcuRite.

The wind speed is the current wind speed for the time that has been charted so far.  We then take the highest wind speed reading that has been charted so far and display it in the details under Wind speed high.

Please let us know if there is anything further we can assist you with.
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Well, I found the answer to heating in the direct fan despite the. The technology wasn't quite there as you can see here: "The pro features a single solar panel.  The problem with a single panel is the fan doesn’t run frequently enough to keep the sensor cool.  As a result when faced with prolonged periods of direct sunlight, the outdoor temperature recorded was too high.


Acurite realized this and released a new outdoor array that had 2 solar panels

The pro +"
Mr George before trying to tell people that they are doing something wrong, do your research first.
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I have done my research.  "weatherjunkie" is wrong and doesn't understand why Acurite offers both a single and dual panel model.

Maybe you should do a little more research before believing an amateurish WordPress site trying to make money on Amazon links and stealing content from others.
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I am confident that you have got to be paid by Acurite for saying all this! My goodness the weather station is barely a 100 bucks. It's low end cost tells you to not expect any miracles. Oh well, live in your bliss. Toodles!
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And there you are wrong yet again.
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Hello Zaeem,
We do recommend using the PRO+ upgrade in areas that are excessively sunny to provide more power to the aspirating fan inside the sensor.  This does help regulate the temperature reading on the 5in1 sensor. We just want to make sure you know, upgrading the wind cup assembly will not affect the wind speed reading. Please let us know if you have any other questions. Thank you.