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With all the garbage going on with SmartHub no longer functioning coming August, and the extreme delay with Atlas, I can't help but wonder if this is what AcuRite is up to...

They have to know that many people are interested in the Atlas. I bet there are many people who would upgrade their 5in1 to the Atlas. So, delay the release of the Atlas, and instead, first force people to buy a new Hub (of course, this new hub being the Access). So, they get a sale of the Access.

Next, THEN release the Atlas. Now that people have paid for an Access, assuming that the display of the Atlas is WiFi enabled to send data to the internet (as other companies have), they make the sale on the Atlas, but now the Access is basically useless (since, presumably, the Atlas monitor can take the place of the Access). But, AcuRite has made a sale on the Access. If they made the Atlas available BEFORE discontinuing the Hub, they would lose out on a sale of the Access.

Then, after all this buying made by customers, THEN begin charging for any service that is internet related (weather it be MyAcuRite website or the various apps). They KNOW that people have invested quite a bit of money in all this new equipment, so the customer will have to make a decision. Give them even MORE money for internet data, OR you basically have to scrap your entire system...even though they have already sold you the equipment.

Heck, even take buying an Atlas out of this equation. They get people to buy the Access, and THEN decide to start charging a monthly fee for MyAcuRite (and having this data sent to phone/tablet apps). They still force the hand of customers by getting them to invest more money, and then having them make a decision of losing this money, or keep spending more.

I'm all for capitalism, but if this is what they are up to, I wish they'd spell it all out up front so we can make a choice BEFORE going forward with small, incremental purchases...basically trapping us into "give us more money, or the money you have already spent is wasted". If this is going to be their new pricing model, this really should be disclosed BEFORE getting people to even BEGIN to spend more money on "upgraded" equipment. This is what I am fearing. This 'trap' that they could easily create. If they have intentions of charging a service fee, this should be disclosed PRIOR to forcing us to buy an Access. And as for the release of the Atlas, this needs to happen at the same time as their decision as discontinuing the SmartHub functioning. That way, for those of us that are interested in Atlas won't waste money on Access (again, assuming that the Atlas display is WiFi, which effectively takes the place of Access).

Why do I feel this is a strong possibility? Because it has already begun. Replace your current functioning SmartHub by purchasing the Access, or your current system will be useless.
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Posted 3 months ago

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The display for Atlas 7/8 is not WiFi enabled. Access is the way to get Atlas 7/8 onto the internet. 
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The reason the Elite isn't using the Access is because it is using spread-spectrum technology up around 900MHz in order to get the extended radio range.

It's not intended to interact with the 433 MHz devices the Access supports.

In other words, the Atlas is supported by the Access at 433Mhz, but the Atlas Elite will be supported by its own console.

WiFi is just the way the Elite console will attach to your network.
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George...this is my exact point. With all the stupid crap they are pulling, the TIMING of discontinuing SmartHub should coincide with the release of the new Atlas models (namely, the Elite). Why? Because if I am awaiting the release of, and have intention on purchasing the Elite, I have no need for Access. So I don't like the idea of being put in a position to keep my current setup operating (by force, not by choice) by purchasing an item (Access) that in the very near future I wouldn't even need (if I were to purchase the Elite).

THAT is what I am getting at. MOST of us already are feeling screwed by their maneuver of stopping connectivity of SmartHub. But, if they have a "bigger plan", they need to lay all of that out so we don't purchase unneeded items.
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Right now they are offering $90.00 discount on the new unit, that makes it a $30 deal to me. It does do a lot more and more expandable by the notes.
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No, it's not an 'upgrade'. How does going from 10 sensors to 7 sensors an upgrade? And it's not a $90's a $40+ unnecessary expense. If they want to stop selling the Hub, that's one thing. But those of us that have the Hub shouldn't be forced to buy a product that we have no interest in just to keep our devices connected...that are already connected with the Hub that works just fine.

They obviously have the ability to run the Hub and Access simultaneously, as they are doing it right now. Just keep it that way for customers that have already paid for their products...not screw them over.

As far as how expandable it may be...I'll cross that bridge when I see what they have to offer for 'expansion'. If it is worth it to me, then I'll CHOOSE to purchase the Access. Right now, it's not fundamentally necessary.
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My biggest complaint, and this doesn't apply to me, is the folks who have purchased this product in the last 12 months who technically are being forced to repurchase the product (even though it is at a discounted amount). At the minimum there should have been a free replacement of any SmartHUB purchased between the availability of the Access and the EOL date announcement of the SmartHUB.  So for example anyone purchasing the SmartHUB from Jan 1 2018 through the time they stopped selling the SmartHUB should receive an Access at no charge.  That treats the loss of the product as a warranty claim.  And even more they should have provided a no charge warranty replacement for any SmartHUB purchased as of Aug 1, 2017.  No different if the SmartHUB had failed within that first year of ownership.  

I think spreading the $40 charge over the entire customer base while seemingly generous to the entire SmartHUB customer base is unfair to the most recent purchasers.  Obviously I have to assume that Acurite management made that decision to drop operational support of the SmartHUB some time ago, and morally continuing to sell SmartHUBs knowing that EOL was coming to me is reprehensible.