I love my 02064 weather station but lately it has begun making a buzzing noise and only registers about half of the rainfall it should?

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I love my 02064 weather station but I've noticed lately it has begun making a buzzing noise and only registers about half of the rainfall it should. I bought it on Amazon in June of 2016.  Can it be fixed?
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Posted 2 weeks ago

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Matthew I m guessing that you mean the 5 in 1 sensor is making a noise. It is normal for it to make a slight humming sound when the fan is running (in the sun light) but you say buzzing and not reading as much rain as you would think, its possible that something (bugs , dirt ) has gotten inside and is both touching the fan blades and blocking the tipping buckets for the rain. Its time to take it down, take it apart and clean it.  its not hard, take your time.
Sensor Maintenance Demo

Items Needed: 5-in-1 sensor, Philips screwdriver, damp cloth, car wax, toothbrush (optional), moth ball (optional)

  1. First, open your 5-in-1 sensor by removing the (4) four screws from the bottom. The screws toward the center of the sensor are for Rain Gauge calibration only. Do not adjust these screws.
  2. After your sensor has been opened, remove any insects, cobwebs, or debris. An old toothbrush can help to clean out the hard-to-reach places.
  3. Use a damp cloth to clean off the rain gauge tipping buckets.
    Note: The damp cloth should only be used to clean the tipping buckets. Do not use to clean any other internal components.
  4. Place a small amount of car wax on a soft cloth and wipe down the tipping bucks to ensure that rain flows through smoothly.
  5. To further defend against insects crawling into your sensor, you may place a moth ball in the nook, near the tipping buckets (shown in video). Adhere the moth ball to the sensor with a piece of tape.
    Note: Insect repellant may be used for additional protection, but should not be sprayed on the internal components or into the sensor./li>
  6. Reassemble the 5-in-1 sensor by replacing the (4) four screws on the bottom of the sensor that were removed earlier.
  7. Clear out any false readings that were taken while you were cleaning your sensor by pressing the CLEAR TODAY button on your 5-in-1 compatible display.