How is the sensor ( wind direction vane ) for use in the southern hemisphere adjusted?

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How is the sensor 5-1( wind direction vane ) for use in the southern hemisphere adjusted?
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Posted 2 years ago

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Hi Rodrigo,

The directions to change the wind vane are below.  If you have any other questions, please contact AcuRite customer support at 877-221-1252.

The 5-in-1 sensor can be used in the Southern Hemisphere by making a modification to the wind vane. This modification effectively reverses the wind vane on the 5-in-1 sensor so when mounting the sensor with the solar cell facing South, it will read correctly in the southern hemisphere:

1. Pull off the wind vane, located on the bottom of the sensor. This will require some force to "pop" it off.

2. Observe the hole in the wind vane (where it attaches to the metal shaft on the 5-in-1 sensor) and notice that it is not a perfectly round hole. Mark the location of the flat spot on the hole in the wind vane.

3. Drill out, or otherwise round out the flat spot in the hole so that it becomes a perfectly round hole in the wind vane. DO NOT enlarge the hole, simply round it out.

4. Line up the hole of the wind vane with the metal shaft on the 5-in-1 sensor, but use your marking on the flat spot (from step 2) to line up the wind vane facing the OPPOSITE way from how it was originally designed. Press the wind vane firmly and carefully on the metal shaft of the 5-in-1 sensor.

The 5-in-1 sensor is now ready for use in the Southern Hemisphere.
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Hi, I've got a friend getting me one from the US as a present. However, on your site it just mentiones that : SOLAR CELL ORIENTATION

DO install the sensor onto the mounting bracket with the solar cell facing SOUTH.* This is important to ensure that the cell receives as much sun as possible, and also orients the wind direction properly. Install the sensor with the solar cell facing south* to properly orient the wind direction vane.

*In the Southern Hemisphere, solar cell should be facing NORTH.

It doesn't mention changing the wind vane.. is this workaround still required (changing wind vane direction) or is solved now in a different way. Thanks a lot.
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The instructions in the manual are not complete. It should say for Southern Hemisphere that the device must be rotated so that the solar panel faces North, and the wind vane must be also be rotated as was described above in this post. The manual needs to be expanded to cover both points.

Would have also been better if the wind vane shaft had two flat sides, with markings for North and South (even if it ships for Northern Hemisphere).

I posted some photos at two of which show the shaft and the hole.