high temperature readings from 5 in 1 sensor

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Temp readings 9-10 degrees above actual air temperature. I had a NEW wind vane/fan assembly Acurite sent me last October 2015 and replaced the existing one with this new one. Fixed the problem. The issue is the one that just failed was also sent to me about a year ago with the new "upgraded" fan motor. Would not start on it's own. Benched tested under very bright light and you had to start it with your finger before it would run. Chamber was clean from insects, no spider webs or other debris present in that cavity. Just curious....with all the problems over the years is Acurite considering engineering a NEW multi sensor unit that won't require a fan to pull air through the temperature sensing cavity?
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Posted 2 years ago

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Great potential but...
It seems that although you get occasional replies from AcuRite explaining how the problem can be/will be addressed, nothing much seems to change. The flaws of years ago are still the flaws experienced today. Temperature readings in sunlight are horrible at best, indicated wind speed means nothing other than the wind is blowing, and so forth.
It really would be good to see some major changes in their equipment and some solid support for customers experiencing the ongoing problems (actual replacement of known defective parts). I personally would pay twice as much for their product (already very expensive in Canada) if AcuRite would take "accuracy" seriously.
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I agree with Dale.  There are countless posts from people about very high outdoor temperature readings in direct sun.  Mine had that problem - it was the original 5-in-1 with just one solar panel.  I bought the upgrade module with two solar panels and the unit worked well for a couple months.  Now it is back to 10F high readings when sun is shining (which is always here in southern CA) so the upgrade I paid for was not really a fix.  I get it that the problem is with the fan, and that it doesn't start turning on its own when the solar cells start generating current.  Why can't this be fixed?  My unit is mounted on a pole attached to my chimney - 30-40 feet above the ground.  It is dangerous and difficult to get to - I can't climb up there every week to tweek the fan.  I've bought a cheap wireless outdoor temperature transmitter as a work-around to get the "real" temperatue.  (Not Acurite by the way).  Kind of defeats the purpose, though, don't you think?

Also, a second issue:  What's with the moon phases?  The reported phase isn't even close.  It's a feature I don't really care that much about since it is shown on every calendar in the world, but this seems to be a very sloppy implementation on your part.  The correct date is showing on the display.  How hard can it be to pull up the correct moon phase for that date from a stored file?
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Hello Rich,

Do you remember when you purchased the dual assembly for your sensor. We have made updates to the fan motor.  It is possible that you purchased this before the updates were made. We are aware of the moon phase issue on the displays. This is something that can not be corrected, however if you would like to reach out to us at 262-203-5667 to discuss options regarding this we would be happy to assist you.
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Hi Jennifer,
I can't find definitive dates but I bought the two solar panel upgrade probably around  mid-2016.  The original unit maybe mid-2015.  Anyway, if you did make a fan motor update after mid-2016 I don't know what I'm supposed to do with that information.  This last upgrade was supposed to be a fix and it wasn't, so I don't trust this new claim - certainly not going to spend money to be disappointed again.

I'm not concerned with the moon phases.  It's an interesting feature to include but not important.  I'm just baffled on why it goes out of whack - seems like such an easy implementation.  From a marketing perspective I understand why you want to advertise that these units do tons of things but it taints the whole unit when the inconsequential features break down.

A more important feature for a weather unit is the weather prediction - which is wrong at least 95% of the time.  I live near the coast in Southern CA - except for this winter, we don't get much rain.  The unit pretty much predicts light rain every day - while the sun has been blazing for weeks with not a cloud in the sky.  I understand this one - I assume the prediction is based on the change in barometric pressure - similar to the old mechanical wall mounted barometers.  We don't get fronts and large/fast pressure swings in this part of the world, so weather predictions based on pressure change algorithms will be less reliable.  I don't know what can be done about this - maybe have a setting to adjust the algorithm to be more sensitive to more subtle pressure changes?  The pressure sensor itself is very accurate, but the weather prediction panel is wasted space.

So, now I have a weather unit supposedly packed with features and a lot of the features that don't work - outside temp, weather prediction, moon phase.  Not a formula for repeat business or recommendations.

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