Help with making decision Ambient vs AcuRite

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Help in decision; replacing Ambient weather Head vs New AcuRite. 
Have been happy with the Ambient 5 in 1 equivalent, but the humidity accuracy is poor, and the unit died. Got 3 years out of it 50' from salt not bad.  Looking to decide whether to replace the "Head" for about $120, or spend another $80 and get an AcuRite 01012M.  I like the integration with Alexa and IFTTT that Ambient has and their ambient site is excellent. But it seems to me that there is more flexibility with the AcuRite in adding more sensors and displays. 
Being new to AcuRite, there seem to be lots of choices. I need:
External and internal humidity
Connection with a remote Web App
Alert system similar to IFTTT, for example if temperature drops below 33 degrees, send me a text
Ability to link a camera (if possible)

Any suggestions on which model(s) to look at...and trying to keep the price below $250.
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Posted 4 months ago

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Mark Mcmahon

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Acurite customer service is horrible
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I've had nothing but good service, always gotten threw to support on the phone, they did warranty work for me, no issues.
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I've had AcuRite for a few years now.  I recommend you stay with Ambient.
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How is the telephone customer support at Ambient? Any better than here?
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Customer support at Ambient is excellent. They have a active FB community as well. My Ambient died after 2.5 years, but I live very close to salt water, which is rough on everything. I can replace the "head" for $103, but shipping and handling to SC is $22 which is higher than I expected. I've been happy with the Ambient for the most part and they seem to be moving the product and support forward on a regular basis. Also, the site is excellent. I'll probably stick with Ambient, I guess I keep hoping for a better deal....
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One thing many folks aren't aware of is that Ambient just private-labels weather stations designed and manufactured by someone else, usually from a company named "Fine Offset"

While there's nothing wrong with that, you should be aware they aren't the same kind of company as those that R&D their own stuff.
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They may not R&D their own stuff but do they do a better job of making sure it works as intended before releasing it?
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They aren't called "clones" as a compliment.
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No matter which amateur weather station you buy, it will be manufactured somewhere in Asia. The poor quality control there is present with all electronics produced. Even if they claim a 99% quality rate, when you bang out 100,000 units of something, you get 1000 units that fail, DOA, or have poor performance. So it's a crap shoot getting any unit that performs well from any of these manufacturers. It's too bad North America doesn't manufacture one of these units, but if we did, by the way people are bitching here about $50, it would be unaffordable.
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Hello Paulb4333,

The 01012M is a good unit. It will provide you with the outdoor information. If you want to get the indoor information to display online you would need an additional sensor that is placed indoors. The display does not communicate with the AcuRite Access. I have attached the link to the sensor that you can get the indoor temperature and humidity from.  If you live in a coastal area we would recommend that you place the order over the phone through our AcuRite Support Team and request an extra coating be put on the sensor to help further protect it from the salt water conditions.  Please let us know if there is anything further we can assist you with.