Dumb questions about 02032 and Access

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Forgive my dumb questions. My wife gave me a weather station as a gift at Christmas and I am only now getting it set up. It was the model 02032. My interest was in both viewing my own station, and sending the data to Weather Underground.

We admittedly didn't do a lot of research, so that's on us. The first problem seems to be that the 02032 is discontinued since I don't find it here on the website. Seems like really bad timing for that purchase.

The next issue is that a wired connection from the display to an always-on computer is required to send data to the cloud/Weather Underground. Again, did not do a lot of research and assumed the station or display was a smart device on the network, similar to our Nest products. Doh. The display is in the family room, not a place where I can set up an always-on machine. I could do this in the basement, where there is already such a machine, but then we wouldn't get to look at the display in the family room. Possibly it sounds like I could add a second display in the basement, and this one could be connected to the machine. 

Researching further, it looked like the Access was just the solution for me, but upon further review, it looks like my weather station is not compatible with the Access. In fact, it looks as if only a single weather station is compatible with it.

It also seems like I came along just after a big bru-ha-ha over the Access; apparently, it replaced a prior product named the Smart Hub? And my station was compatible with the smart hub?! It is really hard to get up to speed here with discontinued and incompatible products. It does not help that the website is not clearly laid out. I am thoroughly confused by all the variations that go by "5 in 1 weather station". They all seem the same except for the displays, and that further confounds me as to how it is that my 02032 is incompatible with the Access. 

Anyway, the question that I didn't know would be so impactful with this product line and I wish we had researched: what is/are the most common, conventional (and inexpensive) product(s) for a beginner who wants to have a home weather station and also send data to Weather Underground? Any advice/explanations will be appreciated!

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The Access will work with any 5n1 sensor.

It doesn't connect to your existing display, but reads the data directly from the sensor's radio transmissions.  It then sends the data to myAcurite (every 5 minutes) and Weather Underground (every 18 seconds for a 5n1).
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Well it just so happens I'm running a 2032 with a hub and a access, it works fine with both but I'm pretty sure the display you use doesn't really enter into it as the hub and access just picks up the signal from your 5 in 1 and does what it does sending it on to Wunderground and giving you a GUI that works on a pc, phone, or tablet. The hub is discontinued so get a Access and be happy. I'm sure if I'm wrong about anything other users will jump in and correct things.
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The 5 in 1 works with the Access unit just set up the Access and log in to my AcuRite and add the sensors.
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Acurite sells a bewildering variety of bundles at a bewildering number of price points. Very confusing to a newcomer IMO and even more confusing when you figure that there is still obsolete stock being sold in retail outlets as you have found out. But that's how they want to market their products and they seem to be the big sellers.

It's not just that you did not do enough research before buying, it's also that it's hard to figure out what the features of of each of the many bundles are, and then they obsoleted some equipment in a hasty way that left many users angry and in the lurch.

Unless you absolutely have to have a dedicated display, you can see your data, using weather underground and/or the my-acurite software, on your computer/tablet/smartphone. Any 5in1 will communicate with an Access hub, the old style flip up hub will be unsupported and obsolete soon. So you need to upgrade to an access hub and use the instructions that come with it to link it to your 5in1, then proceed to set up your WU account. Access has to be hardwired to your router but not to your computer and computer does not have to be on 24/7.

I would sign up at the acurite website for their sales newsletter and wait for a holiday discount and get the cheapest bundle that includes an access. It's up to you whether you want to get a dedicated display. You will probably end up with a spare 5in1 to use when your original quits working in 1-3 years, which is a realistic expected lifetime  according to what I have read. I don't think the access is sold stand-alone but I many be incorrect about this.

Also check this forum if you have not already http://www.wxforum.net/index.php?PHPSESSID=6988384b4a540b0e738118e2294c328f&board=107.0

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Thanks so much, everyone for all the help! I think I was confusing a few things. First, my 02032 weather station, which I took to be a unique unit, is actually a bundle of a 5 in 1 sensor and a display. When I checked for 02032 in the Access compatibility list, it was not found, of course, as the Access is compatible with sensors, not weather station bundles.

So the sensor in my 02032 bundle should indeed be compatible with the Access and installing that (ethernet only is not an issue for me) will allow me to push my sensor data up to Acurite and Weather Underground. In addition, I should be able to continue to use the display that came with my 02032 in the family room, where the other family members only casually interested in weather can view it.

I do see that the Access can be bought stand-alone, but for not too much more it can be bought with a bundle, so I'll have to think about which way to go there.

Thank you again everyone, I was pretty frustrated but now have a much better understanding!
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Hi Mr. X,

Without being a real killjoy, I would not spend any additional monies just because it's bundled.  You will not get any better performance.  I have been running the same device and it works just fine when it works.  You will read many opinions on the quality of different devices and they all have issues.  No one is immune.