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I understand that the readings go straight to the hub, then to wunderground. Unfortunately, if I can't get my calibrated readings to post on wunderground, it doesn't do me any good. Too many people rely on me posting accurate readings to WU. In the hot Texas sun, my unit shows as much as 7 to 10 degrees too high, and yes, the fan on the unit is working. Maybe the programers can figure out a way to get the readings from the Dashboard to go to the hub. It's too bad we don't have a choice in staying with the old system versus the new one, therefore, now is the right time to look into getting a Davis weather system, which is more expensive, but also more reliable and accurate.
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The high temp readings have been an on going problem with the 5 in 1s. For my Texas unit I wired my solar panel directly to the fan by-passing the circuit board which reduces the voltage and slows the fan down. Having the fan spin faster and extending the sensor further from the roof brought my readings pretty much inline with the local airport 5 miles away. The duel solar panel model helps some folks but it can still have the same heating issue. Give Acurite a call they will work with you to get it right.

I would love to stay with the old system also, it's just simpler and you have control over which widgets you use and where you place them. I have multiple stations and it's a lot of clicking to get all the information I use to get on one page. And I had to open a separate account for each station to share with WU when I could do it with just one on the old system. It's definitely a step backward.
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Hello Bob,

We do not recommend making any alterations to your sensor, as it will void any warranty.  Please try the steps below for the high temperature readings.

Step 1.
Remove the four outer screws on the bottom of the sensor. Keep the screws for re-assembly.

  • Note: Be careful not to remove or adjust the rain calibration screws located beneath the rain gauge.

Step 2. 
Separate the upper and lower halves of the sensor.

Step 3.
Check the fan for debris, such as insects or spider webs. A gentle puff of air can clear most obstructions safely.

If no debris appears to be blocking the fan, position the top white portion of the sensor (that has the solar panel) in direct, bright sunlight. The fan should power on immediately without any assistance (such as a nudge). Note: Artificial light, such as flashlights, cannot be used as a substitute for actual sunlight. Also, overcast days may not be sunny enough to power on the fan.

Step 4.
To reassemble the sensor, bring the two halves of the sensor back together.

Step 5.
Reinstall the four outer screws to join the upper and lower portions of the sensor together.  

If this does not correct the problem, please contact us back. Thank you. Enjoy your day!
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Bob you may not want to rewire the fan if it's still under warranty, but it's the only way I was able to reduce the temp. in my 5 in 1 with one panel that's in the desert.
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I also did the direct wire method to the fan motor and it has been running that way for at least 12 months with no problem of high temps in the Georgia summertime. This was after I had received a replacement solar powered fan assembly under warranty due to motor failure. The replacement unit fan operated correctly but my temperatures on sunny days were 10F too high compared to my tower sensor located nearby. This 5 in 1 unit gets a lot of sun. I also noticed that the higher fan speed seems to be a bug repellant. Nothing has tried to live inside the unit since the modification.
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my morning readings was 52* to 115* ??????
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Hello Rex,

The readings you are getting are those on Wunderground, My AcuRite, or your display?  Can you please give me the location you are seeing these readings? Thank you. Have a good day!
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The 5-1 is rubbish. I've replaced the fan / solar panel unit twice and it STILL reads way high when the sun shines - and now the calibration doesn't carry across to Wunderground, it's a complete waste of time and money. NOT HAPPY.