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With Acurite discontinuing their Smart Hub (just bought mine at the end of 2017), I'm looking for what others have on suggestions for a good weather station.  I'm not paying Acurite to "upgrade" my weather station as they discontinue the product I just paid for.

Let's hear some suggestions, my Acurite is going on ebay.  It blows my mind that they wouldn't continue to allow the SmartHUB to be used, just discontinue actual warranty support of it.  The amusing thing is I was just talking to my sister about getting one, but no way in hell I'll recommend Acurite now.
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interested too....
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I have the same problem..  Just bought mine too and now I have to pay again...  This is a ripoff service apparently..  They should have discontinued selling the smartHUB or replace it with this new service for any recent purchase..  They knew they were going to do this even though they continued to sell it without any notice to the buyer..  Going to see if mine is still within the return window.

Sounds like fraudulent sales telling everyone they have to buy it to use the system and then turn right around and discountinue it.  Sorry I make this purchase...  Looks like Davis or Lacrosse is the way to go..  I was going to buy another one of these to donate to my local high school for their STEM program but no way now....


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I as well received my system as a Christmas present 12/25/17.
I tried to pay for the new remote monitoring hub with the discount code. Site kicked me out before my order could be processed and now the discount code is no longer valid.
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Hello Don,

We have emailed you at the address on file. Please check your inbox.
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Sounds like it's easy to replace with a Raspberry Pi3, about the same size too
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For back end data.  Has anyone actual produced or found software software that allows you to manipulate the data to return graphs, trends ect?
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Hmmm, I was thinking the Raspberry Pi Zero W (need this one for on board WiFi although I hear the 3 will work) intercepts data from the smartHUB so it goes to the webserver on the Raspberry..  You then access your Raspberry webserver to launch the program (Acuparse) and dashboard.. 

So far, I have figured out: 1) Buy the Raspberry 2) plug in a keyboard, monitor and power supply 3) install the SD card to load the OS 4) power up and it comes to a "windows like" screen which I believe is a Linux screen 5) connect to your WiFi for internet 6) enter the screen commands to update it (commands available with the kit at Sparkfun) 7) go on the internet and download and install Apache Webserver like you would for any desktop 8) go on the internet and download and install MySQL 9) go on the internet and download and install PHP 10) now go to the Acuparse website and install the program (not sure the steps on this but it is supposed to have an installer on there somewhere).  I am also not sure of the network connection IP addressing and internet router firewall steps but I know the Raspberry will need a static address.

Picking up my Raspberry Pi Zero W later today as I am local to Sparkfun right now.  Will attempt to fire it up and load everything tonight but I only have cell internet access here and my smartHUB is not here.