Additional data bonus with AcuRite Access for Weather Underground?

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I was looking at my WU (Weather Underground) page and noticed a new, green line in my precipitation chart.  The line represents Precipitation Rate (in) and moves up when there's a rain event and then drops down to zero when there's no rain.  This wasn't there before, I was sure, so I started clicking the Previous button until I hit Feb. 21st and, lo!, at 7:44PM the green line appeared at the same time my Access feed was on and flowing to WU.

The blue line for Precipitation Accumulation Total acts normally -- goes up when there's been rain and stays at that level until midnight when it gets reset.

I also noticed -- on the same date and time -- that Wind Gust (mph) is now being logged on WU as well!  Neat!  Before I only had Wind Speed (mph).

Thoughts?  This is a totally unexpected surprise...and a good one.
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Posted 5 months ago

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My hub has dome wind gust for a year on WU. So it is nothing new.
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The way the Access handles wind gusts is different than the SmartHUB.

The SmartHUB used the NWS definition and required a gust to be at least 18 mph.  For many people this meant few gust plots.

With the Access the 18 mph requirement was removed.  This allows more gust plots to show on wunderground.

There's been some debate over which method is better.  Personally I prefer the NWS definition, but it's not that big of a deal with me.  Everyone on wunderground seems to be using a loose definition of gust anyway.
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I'm not liking the new wind gust definition used in the Access. I now show wind gusts of 0mph, how is that possible? Seems pretty lame to me.
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I like the new wind format also Toby.  The term "Gusts" under the WU wind speed is for sure misleading in the NWS spec. I believe that it will be a change of thinking that the peak wind dots are not actually gusts.

That being said, I like the "Peak" wind speed shown for that period in WU.  Even if it does not meet the criteria of a true gust, the fact that MyAcurite very rarely catches those peaks in comparison is really nice.  To me, that is more useful, as my house is in the timber at the base of the mountains.  Our trees often snap at what is about 15 mph at my house level. My 5in1 is actually 30 feet up. But the trees are 50 to 80.  I can watch from work and see that I am getting into that 12 to 15 mph range and know that at the tree tops it is 30+ mph. Seeing those peak dots show me those peaks, where the normal graphing does not.  Even when the wind peak is zero, that is still the wind peak.  Not a gust per spec.

If WU ever gets out from the mess that they are trying to fix, maybe the website could state "peak" wind speed until the actual gust criteria is met and then change the verbage to gusting.
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I hear ya HeloMech, our property has mature Douglas Firs around my shop and pump house and if some of them fall just right they would hit the house and our solar panel array.  Not uncommon to have a 4"+ diameter branch "fly"  50+ feet...Yikes!