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Can someone explain the crippling shipping costs to Canada for the Acurite Access?
I got my $40 offer today.  Was excited to order it and then saw that the cheapest shipping option to Canada is $25.60.

Really guys?  This thing can't weigh much more than 1lb - how can these costs make sense?
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Posted 6 months ago

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They may just be passing the cost along. I own a mail order company. and shipping to Canada can be expensive (and slow). 
I almost hate to sell to Canadians because they get mad at us due to shipping costs and the long transit times. Unless you can stage product ahead of time in a Canadian Warehouse, shipping from the US to Canada is more expensive and difficult
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This article may help explain it:

Or you can google "why are shipping costs to canada so high".  You'll find lots of articles and complaints about shipping costs to Canada.
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I understand the replies.  But i have ordered many products from the States that didn't require that level of shipping cost.  Perhaps those vendors were passing the shipping costs directly in the price. 

For now - it will just mean I don't buy from Acurite directly and will wait for a different option at some future date.  Or a different technology completely.  I already have a bricked Acurite Bridge - so maybe this is yet another reason to consider alternatives.
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Acurite charges shipping for discounted Access hub, but free shipping for full price Access. Thanks for screwing established customers.
Posted 10 seconds ago
Acurite, you continue to screw your customers by charging shipping for established customers who are eligible to use the discount code, yet offering free shipping of the Access for those “new” customers without a discount code.

How do I know you are screwing your established customers? I was prepared to bite-the-bullet and upgrade my Smarthub to the Access hub using the discount code you provided me. In the checkout, before I put the discount code in, I happily noted several options for free shipping. After I put the discount code into the checkout, the free shipping options disappeared.

So Acurite is offering free shipping for customers who pay the full price, yet manage to squeeze even more money out of customers who are upgrading from Smarthub to Access hub at a discount.
I wouldn’t need a discount or free shipping if you didn’t deactivate the Smarthub.
Acurite = customer care at its worst!
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Wait until you get the duty and brokerage fees when delivered. It will be around another $40 CAD. And there is no free shipping even on the full price to Canada. I used USPS. Yes it was $33, but they only charge a flat rate for brokerage fees. Fed Ex and UPS charges are astronomical. It's just as expensive to ship to the US from Canada. The Access at is $160 CAD once you get the tax in....but it's free shipping if that makes you feel better.
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Could they not partner with Amazon Canada?  Rarely are shipping rates high, even for goods from the USA, when ordering through
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Hello Daveed,
We do sell many of our products, including the Access on  However, the discount is only valid through We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.