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I'm having frequent Acurite Access drop outs where all 6 sensors I have turn RED at the same time on MyAcurite dashboard. However mine does not recover. It is offline again now. I'm looking for some advice on how to get it back online without having to do a complete delete and new setup.
Jerry Stephens
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Posted 1 month ago

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AcuRite Jennifer

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Hello JerryS,

How frequently are you getting these dropouts? I have reviewed your account, and see alerts from 2-22-18. This alert is from the smartHUB.   When you lose connection does the smartHUB lose connection as well?   What type of internet do you have? Is the Access plugged directly into the router or are you using a port or switch? Who is your internet service provider?  What is the model number of the hardware you are using with the AcuRite Access?
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Jerry Stephens

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Jennifer, I get these dropouts somewhat random but usually at least once a week or even more.  I no longer have my SmartHub connected, but I am still using PC Connect from a laptop connected to my display.  It is an 02032C 5 in 1 station that is reporting through both tabs on my MyAcurite dashboard. The first tab is the Access and the second tab is PC Connect.  When the Access goes out usually all the sensors go out at once and the LED turns red on the Access.   Meanwhile the PC Connect keeps on reporting the 5 in 1 with no trouble.  The reason you saw the second tab offline is I just had the PC Connect laptop offline for 4 hours for installing windows updates.  I put it back online at 2:45pm 2/22/18.  The PC Connect does not drop out like the Access does.
I have Comcast Xfinity 100MBs internet and I am using the new Linksys Velop3 router. My modem is the Motorola Ultra Fast DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modem, Model MB8600, plus 32x8 DOCSIS 3.0, Certified by Comcast XFINITY and Cox Communications. None of my other WiFi or Ethernet connected devices have any problems dropping out other than the Acurite Access.  I have had the Access connected directly into the Router ethernet port.
The sensor hardware I am using with the Access is:

02032C 5 in 1 upgraded to the Pro with 2 solar panels
4 of the Model #: 00276RM Room monitors
1 of Model #: 06044M Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Another problem I have when I reset the Access and bring it back online is it confuses my sensors and assigns the signals to the wrong display on MyAcurite dashboard.  It doesn't seem to always keep track of which sensor goes with which device in MyAcurite device list.  One time it swapped my 5 in 1 with one of the room monitors.  Other times it swaps 2 room monitors.  I think is has to do with the order the sensors report their first signal packet after the Access is reset.  It they don't come in the right order the Access confuses them.  The only way to fix this is to remove all the sensors that are incorrect and turn them back on one at a time so I know which one a am working with and assign it as a new device again.

As a side note, one of my 276RM monitors goes from "Excellent" to "Poor" signal strength back and forth, sometimes dropping off completely.  Ironically this room monitor is the closest one to the Access than the other 3 which all report "Excellent" signal strength all the time.

My goal is to get a solution that will keep the Access online without me having to reset it all the time.  This seems to be a chronic problem with Access as I read all the posts on the support forum.  There must be some kind of software or hardware bug causing it to go offline all the time.

Thanks for your help.
I look forward to hearing back from you.
Jerry Stephens
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Hello Jerry,
What does the light on the Access do when the system goes offline? When this happens we would recommend power cycling the router and the Access. Please power cycle your Access and router. To do this, you will unplug your Ethernet cable from the router then the adapter for the Access, also please remove batteries. After this you can unplug your router. Please leave them unplugged for about 5 minutes. When you plug them back in plug the router in first and let it completely boot up, then you can plug the Ethernet cable into the router after that the adapter for the Access. Please wait 15 minutes before trying to add the Access to the account again. Please let us know if the issue continues. Thank you.
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The light turns red when it goes offline. This has not happened for about a week now.