AcuRite 01645 base station freezes

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I received a 01645DI weather station for Christmas and finally installed it yesterday.  It will run flawlessly for between 40-60 minutes and then the base station freezes.  The display becomes static, the time does not change nor are any of the readings updated.  The buttons are unresponsive.  If I press the reset button, everything resets and works properly for for less than an hpur and then it freezes again.  I installed it with new lithium batteries in the outside unit and new alkaline batteries in the base unit.  It is plugged into the wall using the supplied adapter.  Any ideas or do I have a defective unit?  Thanks in advance.
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Posted 5 months ago

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Hello Malcolm,

We would recommend what we call a factory hard reset on the weather station. Please follow the steps below in the order they are listed:

You want the display and sensor to be at least 3 feet from electronics such as televisions, microwaves, computers & radios. Follow the battery guidelines below:

•Verify you are using fresh alkaline batteries or lithium batteries (when temperature is below -4oF/-20oC) in sensor.

•Quality brand batteries are recommended, including Duracell, Rayovac, Energizer, or Kirkland.

•Verify batteries are fresh. The battery expiration date should be at least 6 years out. Batteries can lose 3% power or more every year in storage.

•Heavy duty, extra strength or generic / store brand batteries are not recommended for use with AcuRite products because they may cause performance irregularities due to the way these types of batteries disperse power. Each battery should not exceed 1.6 volts.

•Rechargeable batteries are not recommended for use with AcuRite products because they may cause performance irregularities due to the voltage instability of these types of batteries.

•Mixing different battery types (brands, old/new, etc.) is not recommended.

If you are following the battery guidelines perform the hard reset steps below:
1.Bring both the sensor and display unit indoors side by side.

2.Remove batteries from the sensor.

3.Remove batteries from the display unit and unplug the AC adapter (if applicable). Once this is done hold the reset button on the back of the display for about 10 seconds. You may need a paperclip or toothpick to press the reset button depending on what the model number is.

4.Wait 1 minute to ensure any remaining battery power is discharged from both units.

5.Change the A-B-C channel on both the display and sensor making sure they both match.

6.Reinstall batteries in outdoor sensor first.

7.Reinstall batteries in display unit second. Press the reset button for an additional 10 seconds. Go ahead and set the date and time once an outdoor signal is received.

8.Let the units sit within a couple feet of each other for 30 minutes when comparing for accuracy
* The display should receive the signal within several minutes.

9.After a connection has been established you may place the sensor outdoors.
*If the signal connection fails after the units are separated try a new or different location for the display unit, the sensor or both.