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What exactly is the AcuRite access's reporting to weather underground definition of a wind gust. Is it the instantaneous highest wind speed recorded by station since the last refresh? 
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Posted 4 months ago

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Hello Michael,
The AcuRite Access is sending the highest wind speed reading from the last 5 minutes as a "Wind Gust".  Please let us know if you have any other questions. Thank you.
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Michael Pagnanelli

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This is ridiculous!! Why would it send the highest wind speed reading from the last 5 minutes as a wind gust? This is not a wind gust it is rather the max sustain wind speed. The definition of a wind gust is a sudden, brief increase in speed of the wind. According to U.S. weather observing practice, gusts are reported when the peak wind speed reaches at least 16 knots and the variation in wind speed between the peaks and lulls is at least 9 knots. The duration of a gust is usually less than 20 seconds. This issue needs to be addressed as the data being sent to weather underground is incorrect. I rather no wind gust data be sent to weather underground than the wrong data being sent.
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The SmartHUB used the NWS gust definition.  However, many objected to the 18 mph minimum requirement, so that requirement was removed with the Access.  This makes the Access work like most every other brand of station on wunderground.

Unfortunately, the masses have spoken, and what constitutes a "gust" on wunderground just isn't very meaningful.  
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Most people on Wundermap are used to seeing a lot of little orange dots with not a lot of meaning behind them on their data graphs... When acurite went with the official NWS definition of a "wind gusts", most thought something was wrong, and starting sqwaking about not having any dots. I would get a dot whenever the hub would happen to find an 18 MPH reading, which sometimes it would miss so there were not but a few dots if any.
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I have the old SmartHub. I used to get wind gust data points when the wind was 18mph or more. This followed NWS defs. Now with the upgraded Access (and "higher end" someday to be available Atlas line, the NWS def. is thrown out the window because "the masses have spoken"? So Acurite is choosing to conform to a ridiculous, cluttered, incorrectly designed way to report wind gusts thanks to the valuable user feedback they get? Hey, Acurite is listening to us!