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What are the main advantages of Access over SmartHub?  I have SmartHub and trying to figure out if it's worth upgrading to Access.
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Posted 5 months ago

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A big difference is that it has battery backup (3 AA batteries) so it will keep logging data even during a power outage (up to 12 hours).  When power and internet access is restored, myAcurite will be back-filled as needed.  (It doesn't do that for wunderground, though...hopefully that's a future enhancement)

It also has more memory and processing power so it can handle new sensors like the Atlas.

It also connects to your network at a higher line speed (100MB).  This should get around gigagbit networks that don't handle 10Meg half-duplex devices very well.

One possible disadvantage is that it says it only supports 7 sensors instead of 10.  I'm not sure what the story is there.
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Who do I contact to get an return authorization? I need to return myhub and buy an access it sounds like...
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One difference I noticed is that now wind gusts are reported much lower (9 mph so far) whereas with the hub it was 18+ mph.
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Hello Ruggedman,

Please contact our AcuRite Loyalty Team at 262-729-4852. We are here until 7pm central time tonight.
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Extremely disappointed that the "new and improved" hub will only support 7 sensors... my old hub supports 10 and I'd like to add another 10+ but not at the cost of buying 3 new hubs with the associated mess of managing it all. The new hub should be at least as capable as the old one. Either expand the new hub's device count support as you eventually did with the old hub or many of us will be moving on for solutions in the rapidly expanding Smart Home marketplace.
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I have to agree with Teck Trek.  How is Access new and improved it it reduces the support for the sensors from 10 to 7.  Since I use all 10 sensors now, there is absolutely no reason to switch to the new and improved access.  This is a major failure of Accurite in my opinion even with an "upgrade" discount offer, I'm not sold and will stick with my smarthub.  Increase support to 10 and we can talk.
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One important difference which has not been discussed much here is that Access has an internal real-time clock, synchronized to network time. That's necessary so that stored data can be time stamped and properly patched into MyAcuRite. It also means that we should not see the rain related reset and carryover anomalies that the hub sometimes exhibited. Those were managed down over time with great effort. I think with Access they will be gone now since Access knows with precision what time it is.
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Hello John, the only time you may see a rain reset is if you have to completely reset the Access.  That reset will reset the rain.  However, this should not have to be done and the backup batteries will keep that information while there is a power outage or internet outage. 
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I received my Access yesterday and connect today.  First I notice that my 5 in 1 and basement temperature/humidity sensors are now connected with a much stronger signal. Both are now showing "excellent" for signal strength where previously the 5 in 1 was a strong and the basement was weak.  Secondly, I now notice that on weather underground my sensor is showing wind gusts that I did not get with the old smart hub.  It also sounds like the Access might have other capabilities with future sensors, hopefully!
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Wind gusts have always shown on wunderground on the SmartHUB... it just uses  the NWS definition where a gust must be at least 18mph.

The Access is using a looser gust definition with no minimum speed.  They aren't really "gusts", but people like to see more gust marks on the graphs.
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Yes I did notice that gusts did show sometimes. Did not know about the 18 mph definition. I do like that it is now recording highest wind as a gust now though.  That's just my preference I guess.
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To be clear, the Access update interval is every 5 minutes, which means that if I check MyAcurite, the sensors will not update their information until 5 minutes have passed? Whereas with the smartHUB, the sensor readings will update frequently (viewed from my phone or computer).

Does this also apply when sending data to Weather Underground? The PWS page on will only update every 5 minutes? Or does this only apply to MyAcurite? I own an Ambient Weather station which updates very frequently to Weather Underground, in which the readings refresh every 16 seconds (or near that) if I leave the PWS page open on my browser.

Whereas before, with the smartHUB, I could view my weather station and/or zone sensors with more recent updates ("recent" since I believe the update interval is roughly 15 to 30 seconds), yet with the Access, this is no longer the case, and I might have to wait up to 5 minutes for the most recent readings to show up on my phone or computer?
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myAcurite and the apps have been running on a 5-minute update interval for quite some time now, even though the SmartHUB sends data at fast as it receives it from the sensors.

Wunderground is sent data rapid-fire as it always has.
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If I'm experiencing rapid weather changes, I will connect to my WU station.  I see updates from the Access coming down every 8-10 seconds.  The MyAcurite dashboard is every 5 minutes.  
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Only reason I bought the new Access hub because of Amazon Alexa support.. Well, as it turns out the required Alexa Skill does not work outside of the US. So.... Any of the other "new" features provided are of no importance to me.

I will continue using the old hub intercepting all it data via my Raspberry PI running a modified \Perl script I received years ago (4+ years?)  from George D. Nincehelser  This still works to best for me and allows me to send processed data to my SmartThings hub which contains a virtual device for each of my Acurite sensors. If acurite shuts down the Smarthub next year. No matter. My current setup stops any communication between their site and my hub. In other words, I don't need them. Got to love the freedom :)
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Received the access and yes, the WU part is very much improved, BUT, the access is always losing signal compared to the hub. Same location. Maybe 30 feet from the sensor. Wind gusts are not accurate either.
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Chris I just did some hours pouring over the data since I got my Access a month ago. I left my smartHUB plugged in also to compare my three sensors. Here's what I found with the Access and the smartHUB located very close to each other:

1) If you unplug your Access, even with good batteries in it, and then plug it right back in or have a quick power outage the Access my go offline. I had that happen once, that i know of, when moving it from one plug to another. I had to remove the Ethernet cable from it and then reconnect it to get the Access back online. It did back-fill the data on MyAcurite, nice. Never had this issue with the smartHUB.

2) For the month I poured over the data, there was at least two days where the Access did not record data for 4 to 6 hours on one (my newest one I got with my Access) of my two main sensors. (Why would it lose that many hours on just one sensor and not all three? Batteries are good in all.) Quick power outage maybe as mentioned above? There were maybe two days out of the month that missed no data points. (Most days it missed at least 2 to 4) It missed 15 to 30 minutes on about 1/3 of the days. The smartHUB was actually more consistent over the whole period. It missed maybe 1 sometimes 2 data points most days. It did have days were it would miss two or three hours multiple times a day but never 6 hours in a row like the Access. The Access cannot back-fill data it never got for 6 hours.

3) I have one sensor that is very sketchy on the smartHUB and will only update about 1/2 the day. The Access rocks in that situation. It only misses a few data points here and there.

4) My smartHUB reads pretty consistently with a signal strength of 4 for one of my 5 in 1s and 2 for the other. It reads 3 for my sketchy Tower sensor with which it struggles to update. My Access pretty much reads all 4s for my three sensors but I notice it can jump around a lot at times from 0 to 4 for the two furthest away sensors.

In conclusion I don't find the Access to be much of an improvement, especially if you have your smartHUB and internet equipment on battery backup. I think it looks nicer on my desk and I like the battery backup option (when it's working and not getting stuck updating on a quick power outage) . If you can position your smartHUB and get a nice strong signal from the sensor, I find the hub to be more consistent. I really wanted to like the Access but the data is not there to back it up with my setup.