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I had to replace my 5-in-1 device a couple of months ago, I dropped my old one and broke it when I was taking it down for cleaning.  I bought an AcuRite PRO+ 06014.  It connects to my indoor display that I've had for a number of years, which is a model 02032C.  (device ID 24:C8:6E:03:75:AF)

Everything works, MyAcuRite web page gets data fine, Weather Underground gets data fine, except I get no rainfall reading.

Please don't tell me to do all of your canned answers.  It's a brand-new unit, I took the shipping-stop out, it has no cobwebs, wasps or other debris in it.  I have poured water through it and can hear the thing tipping - it just isn't sharing that information with my indoor display.

I have paired the devices a number of times.  I've replaced the batteries as part of the pairing process - using the approved battery type each time.  The devices are well within range of each other and transmit all other data just fine.

Here is a screenshot of my Weather Underground page.  I replaced the 5-in-1 on Feb 23, as you can see, zero rainfall since then - I'm in the Pacific Northwest, no rain isn't possible.

Any suggestions?
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Posted 2 weeks ago

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I hate to ask the obvious questions, however...  There's a plastic strip that secures the rain tipping bucket during shipment, so you removed that right?

If you tilt the 5-in-1 unit forward and aft, you should hear the tipping bucket rocking inside and hitting the screw stops that record rainfall.  If you don't hear that bumping sound, then the tipping bucket is jammed somehow.

If both of those questions are true, I'd open the unit up by removing the 5 screws holding it together and see if there is a loose wire connector between the tipping bucket and the main circuit board? 

If all of those things are ok, I'd say you have a bad tipping bucket sensor and start a warrantee claim...  Hope that helps you out.   

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Good answer!!!!!
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I will probably take it apart tonight to check the loose wire possibility.  Thank you for that suggestion.  If you actually read my post though, I've already explored everything else you suggested.