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MyAcuRite indicates the sensor is offline while battery strength and signal show to be good. I am not using a smart hub and my computer does not go to sleep. What is the problem?
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Posted 4 months ago

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Hello Justin,
I can see you are using a PC Connect display.  Please verify the display is on Mode 3. Verify you downloaded the new AcuRite PC Connect software (v.2.0.3 Windows or 1.0.46 Mac) and removed the previous software you had been using. Once this is done, PC Connect needs to be connected to add the MAC address/Device ID. Under Data Transfer you should check the box if you want automatic data transfers, then chose how often you would like them to transfer. Below you should see Weather Sharing, check the box that says Share my Weather Data, a box should appear asking for your Device ID, enter the 12 digit ID and click 'Share Now'. Under status you should see the display detected, below you should see a time stamp of the current data transfer. Below you should see My AcuRite Sharing Active. Please let us know if you continue to have this issue. Thank you.
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Rachelle, your response raises some questions.
1. You say to "Please verify the display is on Mode 3".  My display does not have "mode" on it, 3 or otherwise.  Please be more clear.
2. Next, you say to "Verify you downloaded the new AcuRite PC Connect software (v.2.0.3 Windows".  Clicking "Settings-About" in the software does not display a version number.  Where is the version number for the Windows version of the software located?
3. Then you go on to say "PC Connect needs to be connected to add the MAC address/Device ID."  To what does "PC Connect" need to be connected to?  The Internet?

I have the same issue as the OP, Justin: the 5-in-1 sensor sends information to the display inside the house just fine, but I cannot see the information on my Windows 10 PCs or my iOS devices.  

I reinstalled the software subsequent to a re-installation of the Windows OS, so I'm fairly certain I have the latest version.  On July 2nd, at 3:57PM, I did remove the sensor for cleaning and to check the batteries, which tested >1.5v output on a multi-meter.  Under "Devices", I show a valid MAC address, which is Device ID:24:C8:6E:06:F3:CD.
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I don't know which PC Connect display you have, but many have a setting for the "USB mode" of the display.  This "USB Mode" refers to the setting of the internal data logger and if the data streaming mode is turned on.  The most popular setting is "3" which turns on the logger and enables data streaming.  The other modes are rarely used.

A few PC Connect displays just assume mode "3" and give you no choice to change it.

You should be able to find the PC Connect version number somewhere on the main screen.  

PC Connect needs to be running and reporting to the internet before you can set up your device on myAcurite.com.   

To get weather information on your PC or iOS devices, they need to connect through myAcurite.com on the internet.
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Hello George, and thanks for your thoughts.   I've uploaded two images, one of the display, at which I've stared for several minutes looking for any kind of a mode number.  I also disconnected the USB cable from the PC and re-inserted it into a different USB port.  The computer recognizes that a USB connection has been made.  Note that I did find the software version number on the screen, i.e. 2.0.3.
The other image is a screenshot of the Acurite program.  Note that I have entered the MAC address, which Acurite calls the DEVICE ID in the manual, and I have enabled sharing.  
Finally, the .csv spreadsheet is being appended to every 12 minutes.
If you have further thoughts, I'd appreciate it.
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I had to reboot my computer for other reasons (SSD firmware update) and for reasons I cannot explain, I am now working fine with the Acurite product.  I can see it on my PC and iOS devices.