3 different rain totals on 3 different displays.

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Why are the rain totals different on my display, my acurite and on weather underground?
Is there a way to sync these things up or at least change the frequency that the smarthub transmits data? Weather Underground is the least of my worries but  it is literally an inch different and from the display to My Acurite it is a half inch.
Is there a way to fix this??
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Posted 2 months ago

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Hello Pete,

What are the totals you are getting for all 3? What is the date that the rainfall occurred so we can take a look at your account? There is no way to fix this. If you missed a transmission on My AcuRite it could be the reason for the difference in readings. Once I am able to look at your account on that date I can help determine what the issue could be. Thank you.
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Hi Jennifer, any comment on my post below? Cheers, John
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I have the same/similar issue... the indoor display shows 0mm for 19/01/2018 but MyAcuRite graphs shows 79mm, and Wunderground showing is 78.9mm (so ok the two online reports are similar, i'd settle for that as being close enough)... but why the big difference between local and online... i guess the question would be, at what time (time of day and time zone) does the display count a new day vs what time and time zone the online reporting uses? Cheers. John
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Hello johnvlang,
We apologize for the delay in response. What is the model number of your display?  If the display is not showing rain after an event, please try the following troubleshooting steps. If this does not correct the issue, when and where did you purchase the unit?  The display will start a new day at midnight, no matter what time zone has been entered.  My AcuRite will round the decimal for rain which is why you do not see 78.9mm on My AcuRite but do on Weather Underground.  Thank you.


•Verify you are using fresh alkaline batteries or lithium batteries (when temperature is below -4°F/-20°C) in sensor.

•Quality brand batteries are recommended, including Duracell, Rayovac, Energizer, or Kirkland.

•Verify batteries are fresh. The battery expiration date should be at least 6 years out. Batteries can lose 3% power or more every year in storage.

•Heavy duty, extra strength or generic / store brand batteries are not recommended for use with AcuRite products because they may cause performance irregularities due to the way these types of batteries disperse power. Each battery should not exceed 1.6 volts.

•Rechargeable batteries are not recommended for use with AcuRite products because they may cause performance irregularities due to the voltage instability of these types of batteries.

•Mixing different battery types (brands, old/new, etc.) is not recommended.

Hard reset:

- Bring both units side by side and remove all batteries, unplug display if it has an ac adapter

- Change the ABC Switch to a different setting and ensure that both are on the same setting. example - If on A, move both to C

- Place batteries into the outdoor sensor first

- Place batteries into display

- Allow units to sit side by side until they connect.