2 of 3 sensors not reporting data, but online signal strength good

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I have the Acurite Access, I have the 5 -n- 1 weather sensor and 2 temp / humidity sensors I am using indoors.  Everything is showing as connected, the sensors report signal strength excellent and status: good.  However only 1 of the sensors is providing data for the last 24 hours (ongoing), but if I select a week, magically the charts show up.  This is with the iOS app and webpage.  I get the messages "chart data not available for the selected time range" or similar when attempting to view last day data.  This has been an issue since I got everything online about a week and a half ago.  The strange thing is that one of the sensors is actually reporting and displying this data, so it doesn't seem to be a network connection issue.  Also I am sharing with Weather Underground just fine with the 5 -n- 1 sensor.  I am out of ideas.  I have removed everything and re-added it twice now, with no change.  One of the devices that is *not* reporting is only several feet from the Access pod.  Any help at all would be appreciated. 

Thank you,
- Ben
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Posted 5 months ago

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I had the same problem.  Finally removed the Access and reinstalled the old hub.  That works fine.  I emailed Acurite 10 days ago about this, but no response.  Access is junk.
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Thank you Donnie.  I am still waiting for any type of response from Acurite.  I am seriously frustrated.  They promote the Access stating how amazing it is, yet it is nothing but frustration.  I feel like I was tricked.  I will no longer be supporting this company.  They are not the only company providing weather equipment, and while they are out of my home town, I simply can't support this.
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I have the same problem with the Access I bought around 2 months ago.  It is saying that all of my sensors are offline but they appear to be working well.  I suspect the Access wireless for the sensors is dead.  I will try getting in touch with Acurite but is does not seem easy.
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This is a issue that happened to me  after a power fail.   (Assumes a (false) steady Blue)
Unplug the power, disconnect the network cable (leave the batteries in if you want history).  Wait 2 minutes.  Attach the power, plug in the network cable (make sure it clicks)
Log into the Access, if success, now check the dashboard (it takes a long  time for the RED to go away). If you set up Wunderground, check that for last reported
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The new Access definitely has connection issues. I have two running parallel with my old smartHUBs. The Accesses miss more data points, stop working, and record stealth rain events even though the are relatively in the same postion as my HUBs.

Have you all noticed that if the power is out for less than 6 seconds the Access will not reconnect until you remove the Ethernet plug and put it back in? Try it. Unplug you Access and then quickly plug it back in and see if it stays connected. I don't know if this true for all of them but both of mine work this way.

The closer you can get Access to the sensor the better, under 20ft (whimpy, I know) is ideal if going through a roof and/or walls. I notice that as the distance gets further away  as long as the the sensor is less than 10ft off the ground it does well also. If it's on your roof and more than 20ft away, your going to have problems.

They are also more prone to interference from other electrical devices like modems and routers. So get them as far away from those sources as possible. You'd think Acurite would have included a longer Ethernet cable knowing this is an issue.

Some people seem to have great success with them. Although they may not be checking their data to really know.

Don't trust the splash page you see by typing in the ip address of the Access in a web browser. I get 4 bars on all my sensors even though the connections are sketchy. If you have time to watch it you will see Access go from 4 bars to 0  for no apparent reason.

As for trying to get support, probably not going to happen anytime soon. They seem to get easily overwhelmed with new product introductions and/or upgrades to existing products. In my experience they tend to upgrade or put products on the market that just aren't ready yet and then are flooded with support calls they can't handle. I don't think they do it on purpose, I believe they want to help, they just don't know how to manage the situation well.

I have three stations but only downgraded two of them to the Access. My third station sensors are over 100ft away and from my experience with the new Access there is no way it will connect that far.

I'm in the process of returning one of the two I have, since support is almost impossible to get of hold of and none of their standard troubleshooting works anyway. I would suggest you all do the same as it took them 6 months to figure out the smartHUB "upgrade" issues, which never fully got rectified.

If you are dead set on using Acurite Access check back in these forums in 6 months or so and see if they have the issues figured out. Of course by then the Access will cost $129.99 alone and for $30 more you can get whole new system from Ambient Weather, Osprey, that includes a wireless base unit (you can put it anywhere to get a better signal) and includes UV sensors to boot. I don't have one yet so check out the reviews.

Since Acurite is killing the now reliable smartHUBs next year, why not take this time to try something new? It can't be much worse than all the issues with the Access right?

The specs. of the new Atlas from Acurite look good, but make sure you wait a year after it's out to even consider it.

I wish Acurite would be more forth coming and actual help us with real solutions or just tell us they don't know what's going on yet so we can decide how to procede. It took them a long time to admit their was a problem with the smartHUB upgrade. I enjoyed their products when I first got them 3 and 4 years ago, and they responded quickly to my issues. But ever since their website change for the worse (I use to be able to compare and see all my stations and sensors at once, and choose which ones I wanted displayed ON ONE PAGE!!!), and the smartHUB upgrade debacle and now the Access issues, they have gone downhill.

Hopefully this long winded post helps someone. Sorry for the rant, I had some time to kill and it felt good to get all that off my chest. Thanks for listening, if you even got this far.