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This is the only way to contact you.  Your phone tree support system and forums are unacceptable and cumbersome, wasting my valuable time.  It looks like you have other customers with problems with your products.  

 The 09155M unit I bought in February 2018 is defective. I worked fine for over 35 days straight.  I am a tech professional, and your online weather station (09155M) that was receiving from three Acurite sensors I have around my home has stopped receiving.  If the receivers that came with the sensors are working, then that’s a clue your 09155M is not working.
All 3 sensors show from your online program, as being OFFLINE, yet the receivers that are NOT the 09155M unit show the sensors are working and giving readings.   I changed batteries and  checked power and cables. It is plugged into the back of the working router.   I pinged the 09155M unit proving it’s online, with all three light indicators showing it’s supposed to be working.  My Internet is up and running. 

 The 09155M unit was working well with the current location that it was placed at, showing “excellent” signaling.  Nothing is showing or even giving a hint as to why your online system and the 09155M unit are not working.  I have one of the other non-online receivers in the same place and it is working with excellent signal bars.

What is unusual is that even though your online program shows “RED”  (OFFLINE) signal strength readings vary, as if some kind of signal is going through from your 09155M and your website.  The online strength readings show excellent and battery strength normal, even though I changed batteries.  A battery tester showed batteries are not the problem.

I will give you two days to contact me with a solution.  If nothing can be done then I will stop using your products, and get my money back.
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Posted 4 months ago

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Ronald Wolfe

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HI kirk, i see i am not the only one to have issues with their customer support. i called 2 numberrs listed on their owners manual and web site both numbers are not working I emailed them no response yet.  i called and was put in que after 35 minutes and moving from #55 to #51 I opted for the call back and now 24 hours later still not call back, i called again and stayed on hold for 1 hour and 35 minutes moving from #44 to #23 till my portable phone battery went dead. apparently they have many customer complaints and they dont bother following up on anything i even tried calling the return  and warranty # and no answer there either.  I guess credit card company will be issuing a charge back
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Gerald Heymsfield

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I have the same problem as Kirk.  My Access 09155M is online and I'm seeing it on myAcurite but it is not seeing any of my 4 sensors or my 5-in-one.  It says they are all offline. This happened suddenly about a week ago so I suspect it is a defective 09155M wireless for the sensors.  I tried resetting the 09155M and the sensors. Any suggestions before I call Acurite?
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I have found this to be an  incredibly frustrating company to deal with.  I purchased a system over a year ago that included a SmartHub and 3  temperature sensors.  One of the sensors didn't work so I made one phone call to tech support and it was immediately replaced.  I thought - this company understands customer support.  Well, since then something has really gone downhill in their customer support and quality control departments.  Now, it is virtually impossible to get in touch with a human being.  I purchased a second system over 6 months ago for a second home.  The SmartHub was DOA and I called customer support.  They promised a replacement and I expected the same kind of service I received with the first system.  No joy!  Many phone calls, emails and a time span of 4 months and I was offered the chance to PURCHASE a My Access 09155M device.  After several email exchanges they finally shipped a My Access device to me but it doesn't work.  Since there is no longer a way to call their customer support and email responses take weeks I guess I finally have to admit defeat and that I've thrown away the money that I spent.  I don't understand how a company with such poor customer service and virtually non-existent quality control has managed to rank 4.5 stars in Google ratings.  These must be very old results. 
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Hello Ronald, Gerald, and Sue,
We are very sorry for any inconvenience you have experienced. Our call volume has been excessively high since the launch of the AcuRite Access.  I did verify that all of you have been in contact with a member of the AcuRite Support Team.  If you have any questions, we are happy to assist you. Thank you.

Hello Kirk,
Looking at your account, I can see your AcuRite Access is back up and running. All alerts have been cleared, are you still having disconnection issues? Thank you.