01536CAUDI - PLEASE Acurite, make an update to fix the 180degree out issue within firmware/software

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Southern Hemisphere, unit installed to roof, wind direction is out 180 degrees. Common issue, Acurite wants us to go back up on the roof and remove unit to physically alter the wind vane.
Stupidest thing I ever saw, why on earth is there not a software option to tell the receiver the sensor is facing north? A simple checkbox, choose between 'unit is facing North/South'.
NB - My 5in1 actually shows NORTH by the solar panel too so why 180 out?
For goodness sake Acurite, just do an update please. Or at least explain maybe why this is not possible. Which I will not believe because this is well below an obvious necessity.
Telling people to forcefully 'pop' the wind vane off and drill holes... for goodness sake - on Wunderground, mine is the only PWS reporting wind 180 degrees wrong. I will be sure to tell everyone why in the meantime.
IPERTH161 by the way, check it out, it is embarrassing for Acurite I think.
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Posted 3 months ago

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It's kind of a pain to have to update the software/firmware in each receiver you have.  Especially since the displays are not field-upgradeable.  It's a heck of a lot easier to make a simple mod to a $5 part and be done with it.

Or you can buy a kit that was properly packaged for your country in the first place.

The Atlas has an on-sensor adjustment to allow you to set up direction however you want.  That way your data will be consistent across all receiving devices.
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Hello stratman21,

We have replied on your other thread.

 We are sorry for your frustration. The product is designed for the Northern hemisphere. Should we expand to other countries in the Southern hemisphere we will make the necessary adjustments.  At this time we would recommend doing the steps above to get the wind direction to read correctly. Please let us know if there is anything we can assist you with.

The 5-in-1 sensor can be used in the Southern Hemisphere by making a modification to the wind vane. This modification effectively reverses the wind vane on the 5-in-1 sensor so when mounting the sensor with the solar cell facing South, it will read correctly in the southern hemisphere:

1. Pull off the wind vane, located on the bottom of the sensor. This will require some force to "pop" it off.

2. Observe the hole in the wind vane (where it attaches to the metal shaft on the 5-in-1 sensor) and notice that it is not a perfectly round hole. Mark the location of the flat spot on the hole in the wind vane.

3. Drill out, or otherwise round out the flat spot in the hole so that it becomes a perfectly round hole in the wind vane. DO NOT enlarge the hole, simply round it out.

4. Line up the hole of the wind vane with the metal shaft on the 5-in-1 sensor, but use your marking on the flat spot (from step 2) to line up the wind vane facing the OPPOSITE way from how it was originally designed. Press the wind vane firmly and carefully on the metal shaft of the 5-in-1 sensor.

The 5-in-1 sensor is now ready for use in the Southern Hemisphere.
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(As replied on other thread)
@George D. Nincehelser
The product was purchased from an Australian ebayer with an Australian power supply enclosed in the sealed packaging. OK, so I was ripped off thinking this was for the Australian market, you learn the hard way. The ebayer stated AU Stock, set up for Australian use by manufacturer.

And as for having to update the firmware in various devices, yeah I get that. I will be sure to let everyone know that is too hard for Acurite in the Australian market with my ebay review and on google. Unless they want to void their warranty under Australian Consumer Law, they best buy a different brand as per your advice to me.

@AcuRite Jennifer, Employee
Being 1.4 kms (less than a mile) from the beach I will be surprised if I get 2-3 years out of this kind of plastic unit, so I expect to bin it within that time anyway.
I will also add a note to Wunderground about why my PWS is 180 degrees out, and recommend there too that Aussies avoid Acurite until it is supported down under.

I appreciate you guys responding to me, thank you, and I also appreciate it is not your fault I got this Northern hemisphere unit.

What a shame it is Acu-wrong in Australia. :-D