01525 Display unit keeps loosing connection - Hub okay

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I have the 01525 PRO kit from Costco a couple years back.    Just a few weeks ago my display unit quit updating and indicated no signal.   I replaced the batteries and really monkeyed with it to get it to reconnect.   It worked for about a week and lost signal again.

My smarthub still sees good signal from the outdoor sensor and shows batteries are good.

I really don't want to/can't mess with the outdoor unit without borrowing a bucket truck.

Does the hub/smart hub operate on a different frequency from the display unit?   Because I just moved the display unit from A (where my sensor is set) to C and it immediately got signal and shows reading.   Or am I seeing a neighboring unit?
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Posted 3 months ago

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The smarthub, display and the sensor all work on the same frequency but the display and the 5 in 1 sensor use the ABC settings the smarthub does not. It sounds like the ABC switch contacts in your 5 in 1 (most likely because its outside) has gotten dirty or corroded. This will cause problems between the sensor and the display without causing a problem with the smarthub. Just moving the switch back and forth a few times may be enough to clean the contacts to get them working again(once set on the same setting) A drop or two of wd 40 in the switch will help clean the contacts just do not spray it all over, that will cause problems. 
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I'll give it a shot here and report back soon as I can..
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Hello Scoob8000,
We apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced. We would recommend the following battery recommendations and troubleshooting steps.  Ledrak is correct above regarding the frequencies and the ABC channel. The smartHUB does not see the ABC switch but the display will. In order for the display and YOUR sensor to connect they do need to be on the same ABC channel.  Please let us know if this issue continues. Thank you.


•Verify you are using fresh alkaline batteries or lithium batteries (when temperature is below -4°F/-20°C) in sensor.

•Quality brand batteries are recommended, including Duracell, Rayovac, Energizer, or Kirkland.

•Verify batteries are fresh. The battery expiration date should be at least 6 years out. Batteries can lose 3% power or more every year in storage.

•Heavy duty, extra strength or generic / store brand batteries are not recommended for use with AcuRite products because they may cause performance irregularities due to the way these types of batteries disperse power. Each battery should not exceed 1.6 volts.

•Rechargeable batteries are not recommended for use with AcuRite products because they may cause performance irregularities due to the voltage instability of these types of batteries.

•Mixing different battery types (brands, old/new, etc.) is not recommended.

Hard reset:
- Bring both units side by side and remove all batteries, unplug display if it has an ac adapter
- Change the ABC Switch to a different setting and ensure that both are on the same setting. example - If on A, move both to C
- Place batteries into the outdoor sensor first
- Place batteries into display
- Allow units to sit side by side until they connect.