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Amazon have The Weather Station Acurite Atlas ! !
Amazon have the Weather Station Acurite Atlas $ 299 ? ? ? 
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Where are the complete specs for the new AcuRite Acccess Hub?
I like the idea of a new hub, however having gone through the prior melt-down I need to see the specs otherwise why gamble? For example -...
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PC Connect for MAC
Is there a MAC version of the PC Connect software? Where do I find it?
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WU link unstable
This is for Acurite support please: I have purchased 4 off 5 in 1 with Smarthub systems. I have shared each individually through WU. I ha...
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Rainfall Resets Sporadically
Rainfall accumulation resets at sporadic intervals. Received over 3" of rainfall today from Hurricane Matthew and the rainfall accum. was...
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feels like value inaccurate
Going on two months now Acurite.I sent description and screen shots over two months ago describing the issue with the "feels like" value ...
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No Chart Data after Upgrade to MyAcuRite
My Dashboard has been blank for 24+ hours now after yesterdays upgrade!  From other threads I guess this is common and you need to call...
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Mac User Beta Testers Needed
You’ve Spoken; We’ve Listened (and we’ve taken action). As part of our efforts to improve the online experience you have with AcuLink /...
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iPhone App unable to connect
I am seeing "My Backyard Weather" with all data from my 2 stations just fine on both my laptop and my iPad. But on my iPhone I get vario...
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Data Transfer
I have the Acurite connect software set for automatic transfer every 12 min to a folder in drop box and it never transfer the info to a f...
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Just try the New Connect release on Windows 7. Everything work great.
I just installed the latest new connect software version 1-2-1 on my Windows 7 desktop.  Everything work great!  It download from my disp...
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Bridge stops sending data every night for 6 hours
Every night at 1 AM my bridge stops sending data.  This includes 5 in 1 and Baro pressure from bridge itself.  Then it starts sending dat...
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