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Phantom Rainfall on My Acurite (and Wunderground) but on 5-in-1
Yesterday, it did not rain here in the Washington, DC area.  However, I noticed that my WU display showed 2.36 inches in 10 minute timefr...
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Gaps in Temperature and Dew Point on Weather Underground - Again
Since their issues last night there are now gaps in temperature and dew point on all acurite sensors I click on.  
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Wunderground is offline .
Just to let people know some stations on WU are offline and that its NOT Acurites fault . I myself have been having problems since Dec 20...
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My AcuRite Outage
We are currently experiencing an outage on My AcuRite due to a server provider outage. This is affecting the Charts and Details page and...
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Rainfall Resets Sporadically
Rainfall accumulation resets at sporadic intervals. Received over 3" of rainfall today from Hurricane Matthew and the rainfall accum. was...
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Gaps in data uploaded to Weather Underground
Uh oh, here we go again. I hope this is a fluke.
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