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Wind Gust Reporting to Weather Underground (WU) from Access (not wireless bridge)
It is clear (if you haven't purchased one yet search the forum) that the Access device reports data to WU differently than the bridge.   ...
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Phantom Rainfall on My Acurite (and Wunderground) but on 5-in-1
Yesterday, it did not rain here in the Washington, DC area.  However, I noticed that my WU display showed 2.36 inches in 10 minute timefr...
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Gaps in Temperature and Dew Point on Weather Underground - Again
Since their issues last night there are now gaps in temperature and dew point on all acurite sensors I click on.  
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Wunderground is offline .
Just to let people know some stations on WU are offline and that its NOT Acurites fault . I myself have been having problems since Dec 20...
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My AcuRite Outage
We are currently experiencing an outage on My AcuRite due to a server provider outage. This is affecting the Charts and Details page and...
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Rainfall Resets Sporadically
Rainfall accumulation resets at sporadic intervals. Received over 3" of rainfall today from Hurricane Matthew and the rainfall accum. was...
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Gaps in data uploaded to Weather Underground
Uh oh, here we go again. I hope this is a fluke.
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